Disciplines for the journey

March 18, 2010

There comes a time when we want to quit and take up the next thing, but it is important to stay with the discipline through the periods when we lose interest.

This is important to note, because nothing warrants the name discipline which does not evoke resistance, which means an opposing force comes into action. It is a force which has the potential of sweeping out of sight any good intentions. This is another time to name the enemy and define the goal.  If the discipline is real there will be a goal, for disciplines should not exist for their own sake. Their only value is that they enable us to get to the place where we want to go. They are quite useless if they are not related to our goals. It is, of course, equally foolish to have goals and no disciplines. The goal we have been speaking of here is the one of getting our live rooted in God, so that they are not blown and tossed about by every wind.

Source: Journey Inward, Journey Outward by Elizabeth O’Conner


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